Reflections on SOPHIA 2023 by Tom Bigglestone

Day 1 Introductions Emma opened the meeting, welcoming everyone in the room and online, and introducing the concept of finding the “true north”, and how we can help children, and each other, navigate a philosophical enquiry. The meeting happened at the library of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Kraków, Poland, thanks to […]

Making the Social and Human Sciences Count – philosophy for/with children’s contributions

Recently SOPHIA was invited to attend Reimagining ‘Development’ Models in Asia-Pacific – Making the Social and Human Sciences Count organized by UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Sector and partners.   The event was held on 23th June 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand, and also online. Tugce Buyukugurlu and Joana Rita Sousa (SOPHIA Board members) attended […]

New to the Field Award 2023

New to the Field Award SOPHIA The European Network for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children invites applications from emerging P4C practitioners, students and/or scholars, especially those who are Polish or based in Poland. Share your work-in-progress at our next Network Meeting in Kraków, Poland on 17 – 18 June 2023 The SOPHIA Network supports educators from across Europe, […]

SOPHIA Memories from 1996 (Courtesy of Dr. Catherine McCall)

Dr. McCall, one of the founding members of SOPHIA, recalls the SOPHIA Board Meeting in 1996 (9 years before SOPHIA Network was set up to enable individual people to join SOPHIA). “At that time SOPHIA consisted of the Board members who were all Directors of PwC Centres in Europe. And there was one Centre for […]

SOPHIA – New to the Field Award

We are delighted to share news of the 2022 Local New to the Field Award. The SOPHIA Network is keen to support educators at all stages of their career to explore the value of philosophical enquiry in their work with children, young people or other communities of learners. Ahead of our Network Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey 18th – […]

SOPHIA Network Meeting 2019 – Galway

SOPHIA Network meetings contribute to building a community that shares ideas, experiences, philosophy sessions and lots of laughter along the way. Here is a short recap of the 2019 meeting that was held in Galway, Ireland.  

Welcoming Talk Crete 2016

SOPHIA: opening remarks SOPHIA Network Meeting 2nd of September, 2016, Rethymno Meeting theme: From Ancient Greece to the Modern Curriculum, where does philosophy fit? Welcoming address: “Where does philosophy fit? I’ll begin by saying: philosophy resists ‘fit’. If you look for philosophy you’ll find it where you find, among other things, aporia, confusion, difficulty, paradox. […]

Submit a Proposal to Host 2018 Meeting

This is the call for proposals for hosting SOPHIA Network Meeting in 2018. Deadline for proposals is noon on November 1st. Host country will be selected by the Executives and will be informed at the latest by January 3rd 2018. Please send a completed proposal to: President Peter Worley Treasurer Rob Bartels Secretary Joos Vollebregt […]

2016 Crete Workshops

Workshops and presentations at the Crete SOPHIA Network Meeting on 2nd and 3rd September The Meeting will be held at XENIA, 16, Sofokli Venizelou str, 74100 Rethymno P4C and Literature – Laure DucasseKambouris (France) Improving the reading and interpretation of literary texts with Lipman’s P4C PhiloZoo: P4C in the science curriculum – Eef Cornelissen & Jelle De Schrijver […]

SOPHIA 2016: Crete

We are delighted to announce that our next meeting is being held at the University of Crete in partnership with the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies at the beginning of September. The theme this year is: From Ancient Greece to the Modern Curriculum: where does philosophy fit? And we currently have a call for proposals […]