Reflections on SOPHIA Network Meeting 2018 -by Jason Buckley

Despite being involved in P4C for ten years, I was a SOPHIA first-timer. I’m rather wary of going to P4C conferences, because, like Goldilocks, I am rather fussy. Often, this paper is too theoretical, … [Read More...]

Register for SOPHIA Network Meeting 2019 in Ireland

We aim to keep the fees as low as possible so that the meetings are accessible to as many as possible. This year the meeting will be €20 for the whole weekend, this will include refreshments and lunch … [Read More...]

Reflections on SOPHIA & ICPIC part III

In this final post by Pieter Mostert he reflects on taxonomies, on pedagogy and on 'philosophical experience' and the aesthetic eye.  What happens to notes taken during a conference? Usually very … [Read More...]