2018 May Odense (Denmark)

Our 2018 Meeting was held in Odense from 26th and 27th May. The theme for the year was Children’s Literature, Critical Literacy and Philosophy with Children.

You can find resources and workshop descriptions on our members only Resources page.

The meeting begins with welcomes from Peter (President) and Emma (Network Meeting Co-ordinator)

First workshop explores the problem of cultural a priori (how to do philosophy with Hans Christian Anderson in Denmark?)

New friends, Lukasz (Ireland & Poland), Sywia (Poland & Netherlands), Jason (UK) and Ewelina (Poland)

Kristof (Belgium) experiments by doing Socratic Questioning with Nietzsche text Beyond Good and Evil

Steve (UK) runs a session on doing philosophy with picture books with very young children

Caroline kicks the meeting off by asking for help in how to explore Hans Christian Anderson tales when they are so rooted in the culture that it is difficult to question them philosophically

Polish thinking…

Jelle (Belgium) explains the concept of a Philonaut – an alien facilitator who asks for explanations of everything!

Enquiring together

Pete (UK), Lukasz (Ireland and Poland), Ewelina (Poland) and Sywia (Poland and the Netherlands)

Concept gathering on a poem – the first part of exploring texts with Peter (UK)

Layla (France) thinking and talking in the group

More enquiries

What’s left of the group on the final day!

Ilse (Belgium) Red Riding Hood retold through a computer game

Red Riding Hood Redux

One of our lovely hosts Caroline

Network meeting means lots of network opportunities…and time keeping by the meeting co-ordinator (Emma)

Julie (Denmark) takes us through the problems of translations

Julie is trying to translate some French books for doing philosophy with children into Danish

The sasa begins…


Eef & Jelle (Belgium) introduce us to Philonauts: What is it to be human?

From Huckleberry Finn to a #thugslife – moral corruption? Led by Ozge and Tugce from Turkey

Lukasz (Poland & Ireland) leads us in Sasa as a warm up

Joos (Belgium) takes us through Milos Jeremic’s (Serbia) hermeneutics exercise.

Peter and Jason (UK) try some Dutch clapping

Emma (UK) and Leunny (Netherlands) run a workshop on fake news and policy

Ilse (Belgium) asks us to come up with questions for Red Riding Hood Redux…this group consider the role of the mother.

And this group is looking at the story from the perspective of the hunter…