Network Meeting 2020

2020 SOPHIA Network Meeting


July 11th& 12th

Hosted by Mihaela Frunză and Liana Precup, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

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The City

Most of the jokes about Cluj people are related to the slowness: slow talking, slow doing things, slow thinking 🙂 Usually, this kind of jokes start from something that is true but is exaggerated / unwisely generalized. Visiting Cluj could be (if you want this) a calm and beautiful experience of slow lifestyle, slow-cooked food, discussions with people that don’t rush anywhere and live their life with the feeling they have all the time in the world.

On the other hand, if you don’t want that experience of slowness, you’ll also find the opposite: Cluj is the city with the fastest growth in Romania, the most important industry center of IT in Romania, including artificial intelligence and machine learning R&D centers, medical research, hosting a lot of events tech-related such as Startup Europe Summit 2019, Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2017. To find out more please visit IT Cluster. Aaaand…. the rumors are that Romania (and Cluj) has one of the fastest internet connections in the world. Another reason to brag after visiting Cluj and Transylvania is Dracula’s home. You may like the stories of Dracula, you will be able to have the experience of visiting some Dracula castles.

Cluj is a city where, during the summer, you hear more English than Romanian in the old town, so communication won’t be a problem.


The Meeting will be held at is Babes-Bolyai University the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in the country. It is located at the south end of the old town and is only 15 minutes’ walk from the train station.

Friday 10th  (Symposium):

Faculty of History and Philosophy – Room Francois Chamoux, floor 1

No. 1, M. Kogălniceanu street


Saturday 11th & Sun 12th  (Network Meeting)

FSPAC – Faculty of Political Sciences, Administrative and Communication Sciences

Room T1

No. 85, Minerilor Street


Preliminary program

Friday: P4C Symposium at BBU – Academic papers over two sessions.

Saturday: Day 1 of Sophia Network Meeting, workshops, and papers (Lunch and refreshments covered from the delegates’ fees). Followed by a Conference dinner for delegates in the evening (booked by hosts, delegates pay their own meals & drinks)

Sunday: Day 2 of Sophia Network meeting, workshops, and papers (lunch and refreshments covered from the delegates’ fees).


SOPHIA 2020: The Future. Philosophy Bites Back:

At a time of political, economic and environmental turmoil what role does philosophy with children have to play in the future?  Should it be challenging some of these issues head on? or be used as a guide, helping children to navigate their own futures?  Should it remain politically neutral? is this even possible?  Can philosophy help tackle our future, or should this be left to other fields? Does philosophy have any teeth? (yes, we are bringing Dracula in here! ;-)) Furthermore, what will philosophy with children look like in the future? And as we are in Cluj, the heart of IT in Romania, what role can technology play in philosophy with children?

Call for proposals

There are 2 events: SOPHIA Network Meeting and P4C Symposium. You can submit proposals for both events.

The deadline for Sophia proposals is Friday 28th of February. Please submit you cover sheet and proposal to the Network meeting coordinator: For full details for submitting a proposal, please read the details here.

Workshop proposals may cover a wide range of topics and if you haven’t though about  putting in a proposal before, here’s a few ideas for starters:
  • Enquiries/activities that deal with the metaphysics/ontology/character of the future.
  • Using technology in P4C.
  • The future of Training P4C practitioners.
  • How P4C will change the future
  • The ‘bites back’ part captures something of philosophy’s irrepressibility. So it could be how P4C is entering challenging areas
  • Even horror stories or gothic-themed stimuli for enquires.

For the BBU symposium, abstracts should be sent via an email message directed to Please include in the subject “P4C BBU Symposium” Deadline for abstract submission: March 1, 2020. Notification for accepted papers: March 15, 2020. Full details: 


There are direct flights to Cluj from many  cities in Europe, see the list of flightsAvram Iancu” airport is very close to the city center and a cab from the Airport to the city center is currently around 7 EUR.

Exchange rate: €1 = 4.37 Romain Leu

There’s public transportation available from the airport to the city center. Trolleybus no. 5, connects the airport with the railway station and bus no. 8, connects the airport with the Mihai Viteazu Square.


The accommodation in Cluj will offer you a lot of different options suitable for all the tastes and all the pockets:

The search on for 20-23 June 2020 will offer you the result: 57 properties found – including 12 value deals, starting from 60 Eur / 3 nights / 2 adults.

The search on Airbnb offers you a lot of options too with prices starting from 50 Eur / 3 nights / 2 adults.

As Cluj is quite a small city, the distance between the conference venue (the university) and any accommodation is usually small.

If you would like to join us, please register here