SOPHIA 2023 Network Meeting will take place over the weekend of June the 17th and 18th in Krakow, Poland.

SOPHIA invites philosophers, teachers and anyone who is involved in doing philosophy with children to submit a proposal for our 2023 meeting.

Call for Papers

THEME: ‘A Philosophical Compass?’

A fitting theme for our current times and its challenges… Many of us experience a sense of displacement, from our homes or our environment. Natural disasters and radical viewpoints present strong challenges to any philosophical outlook: how do we set out for ‘true North’ or, abandoning such a notion, how do we navigate these shifting surroundings? What role can our philosophical practices play in supporting those that are struggling to find a foothold in an ever-changing world and how can we address these tensions as they arise in philosophical dialogue?

SOPHIA is an open organization and we want to have workshops on a wide range of ideas and philosophy with children pedagogies, theory and practice, so the theme is deliberately open.

The meetings are aimed at developing new ideas, sharing practice and giving philosophical experiences, games and activities for practitioners to take away, so please consider this in your proposals, the Executive will be looking for a balanced range of workshops, practice and theory.

Suggested Workshop / Session Ideas – please note, we are not restricting proposals to these, these are just possible starting points to inspire you and develop your own proposals.

  • Dealing with new and changing surroundings and contexts through Pw/4C
  • Dealing with trauma and uncertainty through Pw/4C
  • What role can Intellectual Virtues play in navigating new and uncertain environments?
  • Are there things that should be fixed in philosophy?