SOPHIA Online Network meeting 2021

Dear friends, colleagues and new members around the globe,

Once again, we are not able to meet up in person this year. So, for the second year running, allow us to invite you to:

SOPHIA Online Network meeting 2021

Our key aims are to bring people and ideas together, to promote a curriculum, to incite projects, to develop standards, to work with similar organisations and to advance doing philosophy with children. So, we do hope you can join us online to carry that on in spite of the restrictions.

To register for the event and gain access to all of the live workshops as well as discussion groups, please register here.

Date and location

This year we are inviting you to enjoy the luxury of your own home as we bring SOPHIA to you. The dates will be similar to last year, taking place over a weekend, the 10th and 11th of July 2021.

Unlocked: Post-pandemic philosophy

Critical thinking about vaccination, community cohesion after months of isolation, processing the trauma of bereavement, catching up on “lost learning”, envisioning new ways to address racial justice and the environmental crisis… or back to business as usual? As we dare to imagine a world beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, what could be the role of philosophy in what happens next?

Content and timetable

The meeting will be hosted online over the weekend of July the 10th and 11th, 2021. There will be presentations in the morning, discussion groups throughout the day and hopefully further opportunities for networking during the weekend. The final timetable will be confirmed in June and sent to everyone who paid membership and the ticket.

Call for papers

The call for papers deadline is Monday 24th May.

All submissions will receive a response by Friday June the 11st.

All submissions must be sent to

Network meeting call for proposals

SOPHIA invites philosophers, teachers and anyone who is involved in doing philosophy with children to submit a proposal for our online Network 2021. The Meeting will take place over the weekend of July the 10th and 11th beginning at 9am GMT on both days

What to submit

We invite a wide range of proposals providing they can work in an online format. We strongly recommend that you have experience in using online meeting platforms such as Zoom, and you will need your own equipment (headphones & webcam).

Please submit 2 documents.

The first should be a cover sheet that includes:

Full name(s) of presenter(s)

Contact Email

Sending country (in order for us to be inclusive)

The second document should contain the body of the proposal, and it must:

  • Be related to philosophy with children
  • Outline what kind it is: a paper/workshop/enquiry/combination/other
  • Cleary state its link to the theme.
  • How long is required. We recommend between 30 and 45minutes with 15 minutes for questions.
  • Be sensitive to speakers of English as a second language when it is delivered (avoid idiomatic expressions, use visuals to support etc.)
How SOPHIA will support speakers at the online meeting
  • We will be able to provide speakers will access to a premium Zoom account for their presentations.
  • We will be able to provide co-hosts for presenters to provide technical support during delivery of the papers
  • Accepted proposals will be invited to s ‘test meeting’ to try out the format.