SOPHIA Network Meeting 2017

Meeting 2017

Our next meeting will be held in Portugal on Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th.

Our Meeting in 2017 will be held directly after the 18th bi-annual ICPIC Conference. The theme for the ICPIC Conference is Family Resemblances and it will be held in Madrid from June 28th to July 1st 2017. You can find out more about the Conference on the website: ICPIC Conference Website.

SOPHIA will be holding our Meeting on Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th 2017 at  Colégio D. José I in Aveiro, Portugal. There are direct flights, which take 1 hour 10 minutes from Madrid to Porto, and then an hours drive to Aveiro, or a train journey.

More details about travel arrangements (we may be able to arrange a coach from the airport if enough people arrive at the same time) will be updated on the SOPHIA site as we approach the meeting.

If you would like to put in a workshop / presentation proposal for this meeting our deadline is February 7th 2017.

Submit a proposal

The theme of this years meeting is Questioning questioning

This theme offers a practical aspect with regard to facilitation (how we question) but also allows for a broader approach too: what sorts of things are legitimate to putting into questions for children? Is it okay to have them question reality, for example? Or authority? etc. We could also address procedural things such as, where should the question come from? From the facilitator or the children? etc. Or what makes a good question? Or what is a philosophical question? Is there a good way to question children? How do we get children questioning for themselves?

There are epistemological dimensions to this theme, as well as ethical dimensions, especially in regard to our responsibility for children, and there are very many methodological aspects that can be included. Questioning is an art which we can develop as practitioners, and that is central to philosophy, and philosophy with children.

To submit a proposal please email Emma Worley, (Network Meeting Co-ordinator) the following information:

  • your name,
  • contact details,
  • institutional affiliation (if appropriate)
  • title of workshop / paper
  • abstract and / or details of proposed workshop

Please note that the emphasis for the SOPHIA Network meeting is on practice.

We will let all proposals know whether they have been successful or otherwise by March 1st 2017.

We will have a final timetable established by March 31st 2017.

About Emma Worley

I am the co-founder and chief operating officer of The Philosophy Foundation, a UK charity that trains philosophy graduates to do philosophy in schools, and then places them in schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children. I am the SOPHIA Network Meeting co-ordinator. My life is one big organising trip.


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