New Board Members Needed

SOPHIA Needs You!

It is time for us to elect new Board Members.

The following Board Member positions are due to step down this year, and we need you to step up! The SOPHIA Board is a working Board and each person takes on a role and responsibility, although all Board members are responsible for helping to steer SOPHIA forward. We expect Board Members to be active, and constructive. You will be responsible for achieving SOPHIA’s aims according to the constitution and the rules of SOPHIA, seeing, creating and using opportunities to help SOPHIA.

  • President (Executive Position)
  • Network Meeting Co-ordinator (Executive Position)
  • Website manager (Board Position)
  • General working Board position

Board Members are voluntary positions, and we really can’t tick without them – this is your organisation and we need people to help where they can for a short amount of time to keep this organisation going as it has for the last 25 years.

Members of the Executive help to organise the Network Meetings each year, and are expected to have meetings themselves every year, and hopefully more often, via skype. Executives are responsible for making sure all the work that needs to be done, is done, which is why we offer them, as far as possible, payment towards travel and accommodation.

Other Board Members are in regular communication about SOPHIA business, and are expected to meet for a Board Meeting every two years. This meeting is usually held before or just after the SOPHIA meeting. The next one is due at the 2019 Meeting.

Please see below for descriptions of the roles.

SOPHIA is a ‘Stitching’ (Foundation) organisation based in the Netherlands, therefore if you would like to stand for a Board position you will need a ‘Sending’ organisation. That will mean a company, charity or educational establishment that you can represent.

If you would like to stand, please fill in our application form by September 1st 2018.

If more than one person stands for a role a vote will be had by all SOPHIA members.

NB You must be a current member in order to put yourself forward as a Board Member.


As President you will represent the SOPHIA Network to the wider community, and encourage people to join and be a part of the network. You should have an understanding of the wider Philosophy with Children community and ideally be a practitioner or academic working in the field. You will also need to be diplomatic and welcoming to all, and make sure the Board is following the SOPHIA constitution. You will need to Chair and organise the Board Meetings.

Network Meeting Co-ordinator

This role is essential in the planning and management of the meetings themselves. You will need to be an excellent administrator and communicator working with the Executives to plan a meeting that will bring lots of different cultures together. You will work closely with the Host country to ensure that all areas of the meeting are delivered for everyone’s benefit. Also, it is helpful if you are a good time keeper! 😉

Website Manager

Our website is run by WordPress, so experience in blogging or using a wordpress website would be very helpful. Writing skills in English (official language of SOPHIA) essential for this role. There isn’t too much to do here, keeping an eye on the site, updating information or loading blogs occasionally. Of course, if you have bigger ideas you are welcome to take them forward.

If you would like to be a member of the Board, but don’t feel any of these roles would suit you, please do get in touch. A Board member must be willing to answer emails promptly and respectfully. Board members are critical friends to SOPHIA and will help the charity to grow and develop.

We are working towards Board Members having their travel and accommodation paid for by SOPHIA for SOPHIA Meetings. This could be a long process whilst we build funds, but with the right working Board this may happen sooner rather than later as we build the Network.

Please note that Board Members are supposed to serve 4 years

If you have any questions about these roles please contact the current holders of these positions:

President – Peter Worley
Network Meeting Co-ordinator – Emma Worley:
Website Manager – Emma Worley & Joos Vollebregt:

About Emma Worley

I am the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of The Philosophy Foundation, a UK charity that trains philosophy graduates to do philosophy in schools, and then places them in schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children. I am the SOPHIA Network Meeting co-ordinator. My life is one big organising trip.