Board Members

SOPHIA is organised by Board Members across Europe.

The current Working Board is made up of three Executives, Board Members and Honorary Board Members.

SOPHIA is a stitching, and constitutionally the Board has to be made up of members from sending organisations. A Sending Organisation can only have one Board member at a time. Although representing their sending organisations the Board’s duties are to uphold and support SOPHIA whilst on the Board.


emmaPresident, Emma Swinn MBE, England

King’s College London

Secretary, Joos Vollebregt, Belgium

AP Hogeschool

Rob BartelsTreasurer, Rob Bartels , The Netherlands

Dutch Centre for Philosophy with Children (Centrum Kinderfilosofie Nederland)

Board Members

Network Meeting Co-ordinator, Steve Hoggins, England

The Philosophy Foundation

  Website Manager, Tugce Buyukugurlu, Turkey



  Social Media, Nimet Kucuk, Turkey

Sainte Pulcherie  Lisesi

Caroline Schaffalitzky de Muckadell, Denmark

 Filosofi i Skolen

 Mary Bovill, Scotland

Edinburgh University

   Jason Buckley, England
Joana Rita Sousa, Portugal

  Cristina Rossi, Italy

CdRF – Comunità di Ricerca Filosofica

Grace Lockrobin, England

Honorary Board Members:

SOPHIA Honorary Board Members are made up of previous members of the Executive.

catherineCatherine McCall, Scotland

EPIC International

  Radmilla Sutton, England


rogerRoger Sutcliffe, England

Dialogue Works

Ed Weijers klein (foto Paul Scheulderman)Ed Weijers, The Netherlands